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What is the ClipAir Nasal Dilator(Expander),
Why it is best snoring solution ?

The ClipAir is the best product available in market. it is a very soft, high quality little clip that is inserted in the nose to increase airflow. The two main applications are:

how to stop snoring immediately

  1. Improve quality of sleep by reducing or eliminate snoringanti snoring device
  2. Improve Athlete performance by increasing airflow to the lungs during high intensity aerobic activity.

ClipAir  fits easily into the nose and very gently andcomfortably pushes the nostrils outward reducing nasal obstructions that may be the cause of snoring. Highperformance athletes that are competing in high intensity aerobic sports are also big fans of ClipAir as they realize better airflow through the nose improving their performances.

Best Snoring Remedies
(Anti Snoring Device)

Dilator Nasal helps people to nasal breathing in more better way. it is designed to be placed in nose in a comfortable way with maximum airflow and easier breathing. Clipair Nasal Dilator for Snoring Solution

Nose Dilator for Athletes
(Improve Sport Performance)

Nose Dilator helps people to breathe in right way in everyday life by clearing nasal passages. Soft, easy to use and it makes people to breathe in efficient way by increasing airflow to lungs. clipair nasal dilator for athletes

Why ClipAir


Nasal dilator for deviated septum
Nasal Dilators
zz Help

Nasal dilator for deviated septum

Clip Air internal nasal dilators is a device that helps to reduce nasal obstruction to increase airflow to the lungs by opening nasal airways. designed to improve sleep or the problem

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Nasal Dilators

What Causes Snoring ?

The problem of snoring is very simple and we face it at some point of time in life. But if snoring is occurring regularly, it can also point to a

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Surprisingly good, They are soft, easy to fit, open the nostrils really well and don't fall out. I have a deviated septum - leans to the right and make the air passage very small, so ideally i was looking something like this. Best snoring remedies available in market.
Quebec City, Quebec
I have to sleep on stomach most of the time in night to keep my breaths going, I bought 1 pack of Clipair and got 3 different sizes in 1 pack, it fits best in nasal openings. material is soft and grip inside nose of outer ring is firm.
Toronto, Ontario
Best Anti snore device, I don't just have problem of snoring but also constant stuffy nose which is fixed by opening up nostrils, i have tried many products before but always having problem with sizes. Clipair reduce snoring fits perfectly in my nose and barely noticeable.
Vancouver, British Columbia
Best Device for people suffering from apnoea, i will say that this device work very effectively. Much better than taking pills everyday, It felt like the first time I ever breathed air. Amazing!
Calgary, Alberta
these clips really work for me, helps me breathe much more easily in night without ending up breathing through my mouth, fits perfectly by pushing sides of the nose outwards.No sleep disturbance
St. John's, Newfoundland
I get congested at night, and it’s hard to sleep when it’s hard to breathe! These work! Have used them for years and never experienced any skin problem. They use material for optimal comfortable sleep.
Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island

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