Are Nasal Dilators Safe?

Are Nasal Dilators Safe?

Many people ask are Nasal Dilators safe? Yes, Nasal Dilators are totally safe and easy to use. They cause sometimes irritation to the skin in a few cases or take some time for a person to get used to it but they are very affordable, easy to use and reusable.

There are two types of Nasal dilators are available in the open market.

  1. External Nasal Dilators
  2. Internal Nasal Dilators

ClipAir is an Internal Nasal Dilator that comes in different shapes & sizes and helps in reducing snoring by increasing airflow in your nose. Its flexible wings help it to give an optimal fit design.

How does ClipAir Nasal Dilator work?

By popping up your nostrils Clipair helps reduce air resistance and increase airflow. its internal material comes in the springy form which forces outwards it fitted in your nose by compressing and it expands your nostrils.

Which type of Nasal Dilator should i choose?

Before choosing a Nasal Dilator one should be extra conscious as this thing will go inside of your nose. you should be very particular about the material to avoid any discomfort.

There are so many Nasal Dilators available in the market but we are trusted by thousands of customers. you should take care of the following things before choosing the right nasal dilators for you.

Size: there are multiple sizes available and you have to choose the best fit for your nose.

Material: There are different material based nose dilators available in the market, ClipAir is largely tested and trusted.

There are few Pros & Cons are listed below:


Quick use / Easy to use

Available in many sizes for a perfect fit



Can be uncomfortable if not fitted properly

regular cleaning needed


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